Which Is The Best Type Of Water Purifier You Can Choose If Your Water Has A High TDS Level 2021?

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Which Is The Best Type Of Water Purifier You Can Choose If Your Water Has A High TDS Level? – The essential element which helps us to survive is water. Not a single cell or tissue can function without an adequate water supply. But, unfortunately nowadays, with increased pollution, getting access to pure and clean water has become very difficult.

Best Type Of Water Purifier

So it is pretty apparent that we would want the best water purifiers to purify the impure water. Moreover, some reputed water purifier companies provide you with the best water purifier service at just one call. Well, before we go on to that, you need to know the TDS level of your water supply. Do you know what the term means?

Today, in this article, we will discuss everything about the term TDS and let you know a suitable purifier if your water supply has high TDS. So let’s take a look!

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What Do You Mean By TDS Level?

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is the concentration of impurities that may be either dissolved in water or solid in form. It includes inorganic salts like calcium, chlorides, magnesium, sulfates, etc., along with several other inorganic compounds that get dissolved in water easily.

The water supply in your home often has these elements in it, which makes the water unfit for drinking. It is the TDS level that shows the concentration of these impurities in your source water. If you are wondering how you will know that, you can contact Aquaguard service Rajkot, where the technicians provide professional help in such cases.

Why Is Having A High TDS Level In Water Harmful For Your Health?

If your TDS level is within the normal range as prescribed by WHO, less than 300 ppm, there is nothing to worry about. But if it exceeds the range of 1000 ppm, the water becomes unfit for consumption. In addition, the water becomes saline in taste because of the high levels of sulfates, chlorides, and other minerals.

Do you know having a higher level of TDS in your water supply has other harmful effects? For example, having a high TDS level in the source water corrodes and stains pipes, impacts household fixtures, and leads to frequent replacements.

Which Is The Best Purifier For You If Your Water Supply Has High TDS?

As you know, due to various technological advancements, water purifiers are imbibed with extraordinary features that pledge to provide you with the purest and cleanest drinking water. So there is nothing to worry about if the TDS level in your water supply is higher than the prescribed range. There are lots of modernized and hi-tech water purifiers available that will suit your needs.

While you will have various options to look into if you are planning to install a water purifier, but RO purifiers are the best for water supplies having high TDS levels. RO or Reverse osmosis purifiers involve a lot of extraordinary purification techniques that purify the water of all impurities and cut down on excess TDS in the water. You may also contact the Aquaguard service Rajkot to know more about the latest models available there and install one at your home accordingly.

Why Do You Think Choosing RO Water Purifiers Will Be The Best Option For You?

Needless to say that RO or reverse osmosis purifiers have increasingly become popular in the market because of their advanced purification techniques. They remove the excess TDS from the source water and other impurities through their semi-permeable membrane to give you the purest form of water. Here are some of the points that will help you understand why installing RO water purifiers is the best option if your water supply has high TDS in it:

Provides The Purest And Cleanest Water

If you install Reverse osmosis or RO water purifier, you no longer need to worry about your TDS level. When the input water passes through these purifiers, the RO membrane removes the excess TDS or Total Dissolved Solids and other impurities from the water.

Unlike ‘usual’ purifiers, RO purifiers ensure that you get 100% pure water. There are also several well-known water purifier companies where you can book the latest model for your home.

Water Passes Through Multiple Stages

The most significant advantage of using an RO water purifier when the TDS level in your water supply is high is that the water passes through different stages of purification before you finally get the purified drinking water. The purifier filters the water through a combination of advanced technologies like RO+UV+UF. These processes altogether remove the harmful disease-causing germs and chemicals like arsenic, chlorides, etc.

Enriched In Minerals

Did you know your drinking water is also infused with minerals by RO water purifiers? Yes, some RO water purifiers are designed to have an in-built mineral cartridge that adds essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, etc., into your water. So now you can relax back at your home after you install an RO water purifier, as they will provide you with the purest water.

Loaded With Advanced Features

Nowadays, with modernized purification technologies, these RO purifiers are manufactured using various hi-tech features. For instance, when your filter is nearing its expiry, the alert system will warn you before it so that you can call the water purifier service and ask for their assistance. In addition, the latest RO models have various unique features that ensure that you and your family never run out of pure water.

Final Thoughts

So if you go through the points mentioned above, you will get a brief idea of why more and more people prefer using RO water purifiers nowadays. Moreover, when your water supply has high TDS in it, health experts often recommend that RO water purifiers are the best option that you can think of.

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