Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5 In India 2022 – Reviews & Comparison

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Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5

today we are comparing the newly launched MI BAND 4 VS HONOR BAND 5 to see which is the Best Budget Fitness Band India in 2021. I suggest you read the article to the very end to know which budget fitness band is the best wave.  now let’s get on with this comparison.

now that we comparing the honor band 5 and the mi band 4 the question is which is the best budget fitness band in 2021? well, to be honest, it’s very very close but if you ask me the mi band 4 is my choice and I think it’s just a better fitness band right now.

see both of these are great budget fitness bands no doubts about that and honor band 5 has a slightly better display it can track more workouts and it brings better inform sleep tracking too.

mi band 4 just looks more premium brings a much better battery life, gives you more control over calls, lets you control the music, has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard and these are things that are really important to me.

Specifics comparison: Mi Band 4 vs. Honor Band 5

 Mi Band 4Honor Band 5
Weight22.1 g22.7 g
4.7 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm
4.3 x 1.7 x 1.2 cm
Display0.95″ AMOLED Display, 120 x 240 RGB0.95” color AMOLED Display, 120 x 240px RGB
Charging time≤ 2 hours for 135 mAh battery1 hour for 100 mAh battery
Band materialTPU + TPETPU
Water Resistance5ATM5ATM
The shape of the dialRectangleElliptical

now let’s compare both bands in detail.


Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5
  • so let’s start off by comparing the display on these bands well both the on honor band 5 and the mi band 4 come with a 0.9 5 inch color AMOLED display and with the resolution of 120 by 240 pixels.
  • now even though the specs are the same here you can see that the honor band 5 display just looks better it has better colors and it’s just an overall more vivid experience and yeah I like the display on the honor band 5 more.
  • now about the display quality both of these are touch displays so you can swipe to move between screens tap to select items and take actions to measure heart rate and do a lot more.
  • however, there’s one difference here and that is in the action button well the mi band 4  action button just lets you go back by tapping on it. the honor band Phibes action button goes straight to the home screen and I think that’s a much better implementation because if I want to go straight to the home screen I don’t have to use multiple swipes or taps of the button I can just tap once and that’s it so kudos the one after that.
  • now obviously if you’re wondering both of these bands come with a variety of band faces to choose from so yeah you get a lot of options you can change band faces on both of these fitness bands but why Donna said that the Huawei hell tap will bring additional band faces I haven’t been able to find anything of the song and they’re not they’re only these 8 band faces on the honor band 5 so yeah the mi band 4 brings more choices for band faces.

Design & Build quality

now last year I found the mI band 3 curved design better too in them honor band 4 however the mi band 4 Xiaomi has made it flatter and a lot of people like the honor band 5 design in the B bone office but I still find the mi band 4 to be the more premium looking but hey you know what the looks are a very subjective issue so it all depends on the personal choice.

Strap Quality

On the honor band, 5 just feels bad honestly when I first took all the honor band 5 out of its box I was just appalled at how bad this strap feels now I know this is a budget fitness band but it just feels like a cheap quality strap.

The mi band 4 strap on the other hand looks a lot better than this feels more premium to look at.

Water Resistant

both the mi band 4 and the honor band 5 are water-resistant up to 50 meters just like last year’s mi band 3 and honor band 4 so you can take them swimming and track your swim session as well.

Fitness Tracking Features

then come to the actual fitness tracking features both of these bands come with the gyroscope the accelerometer and the heart rate sensor.

so both of these bands can track your steps the calories you burn the distance you’ve walked and more. plus they can track your workouts too you can track things like outdoor runs, treadmill, swimming, etc on both the honor band 5 and the Mi Band 4.

however, the honor band 5 also brings some additional workout tracking capabilities like Rover exercises & elliptical training so if those are workouts you do then yeah the honor band 5 is just a bit better.

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Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5 In India 2022 - Reviews & Comparison

however, when it comes to accuracy well the honor band 5 and the mi band 4 kinds of drop the ball for starters both of these bands can be easily fooled when it comes to stepping tracking.

 fortunately, the heart senses on both the fitness bands are fairly accurate and also pretty quick to give a reading so at least that great.

 I also did a workout while wearing these bands and the results as you can see are pretty similar so that’s good.

– moreover the honor band 5 and the mi band 4 can also track your sleep and while the mi band 4 only tracks your heart rate while you’re sleeping the Honor band 5 takes it a step further by not only tracking your heart rate but also breathing patterns and a lot more.

 When you track your sleep with both of these bands and the results were pretty similar, however, as you can see in these results the honor band 5 does give you a lot more detail like way more detail and a lot of suggestions so it’s definitely better.

 now another place where the honor bad 5 is supposed to be better than a mi band 4 is in the fact that it has a spo2 sensor now I say supposed to because the feature isn’t yet available in the honor band 5 in India even after an update that specifically mentioned that it allowed the functionality so yeah as of now the spo2 sensor in the honor band 5 is pretty much useless and yeah it’s disappointing but hopefully honor will fix things in the future.

Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 Smart Features

well, both the mi band 4 and the honor band 5 can display notifications on your wrist and you can control which apps are allowed to show notifications so your ad is good.

one thing that I think the mi band 4 does better is the incoming cause with the mi band 4 you can deny or silence incoming calls which are really handy however the honor band 5 you can only deny the call you can’t silence it which can be pretty annoying if you’re just trying to mute an incoming call without having to reject it.

another thing I like about the Mi band 4 is the fact that it lets you control the music playing on your phone which is again something you can’t do with honor band 5.

apart from that both the mi band 4 and the honor band 5 come with the usual features like stopwatch, timers, adjustable brightness, Find My Phone and a lot more so yard out of that is pretty great too.

if you were wondering about the apps well both the mi fit app and the Huawei health app are pretty average and slightly unintuitive but you should be fine with both of them.

Battery Life

Mi Band 4 Vs Honor Band 5 In India 2022 - Reviews & Comparison
  • Now moving on to the battery the mi band 4 brings a 135 image battery which is an improvement over the mi band 3 while the honor band 5 brings the same 100 image battery as the honor band 4.
  • now the mi band 4 claims to last 20 days on a single charge by the honor band 5 claims 14 days of battery life.
  •  in my you these bands with automatic heart rate and sleep tracking turned on it looks like the mi band 4  will last 8 to 10 days while the honor band 5 with real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking looks like it’ll last around 5 to 6 days.
  • at the time of shooting this video the honor band 5 is at 41 percent while the mi band 4 is at 70 percent and the last charge these almost 4 days backs so it’s fairly obvious that the mi band’s battery life is better than the honor band 5.

Charging:- however we’re going to come to charging I love the fact that with the honor band 5 I don’t need to take it out of the strap-like I need to with the mi band 4 I can just fit the order band 5 into the charging cradle and that’s it.

Anyway, when it comes to charging speeds the mi band 4 takes around 2 hours to fully charge which is an improvement over the mi band 3 so that’s great but the honor band 5 takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge which is the same as the honor band 4 and yeah it has a smaller battery than the mi band 4 so yeah it obviously takes lesser time to charge.

So here is the comparison of the mi band 4 vs honor band 5 and trust me this was very close and both of these are great budget fitness bands but what do you think? which one is your choice? tell us in the comment section we’ll also give this article a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends Who have been confused between the mi band 4 vs honor band 5.

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