7 Ways To Increase Your Appetite For Healthy Weight Gain

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7 Ways To Increase Your Appetite For Healthy Weight Gain – A loss of appetite can occur due to multiple reasons, including mental and physical illness. Having a low desire to eat can lead to unintentional weight loss or malnutrition. Long-term loss of appetite is called Anorexia, which may have several medical and psychological causes.

7 Ways To Increase Your Appetite For Healthy Weight Gain

In this article, we will tell you seven easy ways to increase your appetite for a healthy weight gain.

1. Consume Small Meals More Frequently

Eating three full meals looks a bit challenging, especially when you do not inhabit or have a low appetite. While you cannot skip any of these meals, the most acceptable way is to break your large meals into six smaller meals.

As your appetite or capacity improves, you can increase the portions or add more ingredients. For example, add more veggies or cheese to your tuna sandwich. Or, try another delicious way.

2. Count On Appetite Stimulants

Some of the most common reasons for losing appetite may include physiological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, or chronic diseases such as COPD, Cystic fibrosis. You can count on appetite stimulants for fast results. Currently, there are three medicines approved by the FDA, and Cypon Syrup is one among them.

Cypon Syrup is used to treat loss of appetite. Besides improving your appetite, it cures some seasonal allergies if appropriately used. Here is a complete guide on Cypon Syrup Uses, which you should consider before using this medicine.

3. Add More Nutrient-rich Foods To Your Diet

Most people with poor appetites eat more empty calories like candies, ice cream, and baked items to gain weight. Though these foods are easy to consume and contain many calories; they are not good as they don’t provide sufficient nutrients.

So, what to do to increase your appetite? You can simply shift your focus from foods with calories to nutrients such as protein and fiber. For example, replace ice cream with a cup of greek yogurt, add some berries or cinnamon for sweetness.


4. Increase Your Calorie Intake

Another effective way to boost your appetite is to ensure you’re consuming enough calories each day. One easy way to do this hassle-free is to cook your food with calorie-rich ingredients like butter, nut butter, olive oil, or whole milk.

For instance, you can fry your eggs with butter, add olive oil and avocados to your salad, spread peanut butter on bread slices, or prepare the oatmeal with whole milk instead of water.

5. Make Mealtime Socially Enjoyable

Cooking and eating with others may help stimulate your appetite effectively. When you make eating fun, you consume more than any regular day. To make your meals even more exciting and enjoyable, you can invite friends over dinners or plan at least one meal with the family.

If you can’t find someone to accompany you to the dining table, try eating while watching TV. Turning meals into kind of events or fun activities help you enjoy food and increase your appetite.

6. Trick Your Brain Using Different Plate Sizes

If you struggle with a poor appetite, finishing a significant portion of food might seem like a big challenge. An easy way to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the food is to trick your brain using different sizes of plates.

You can use big-sized plates. They contain more food that doesn’t even look like a huge pile. In other words, you will get more nutrients and develop a healthy habit in this way.

7. Schedule Meal Times And Stick To Them

If you are experiencing a sudden loss of appetite, you should first develop a hunger to resolve this issue. If you don’t feel hungry, you won’t be able to eat as much as your body needs. 

This often happens when you have irregularity with the meal times. If this is the scenario, try setting reminders for your mealtimes to ensure you are eating regularly and timely.

8. Never Ever Skip The Breakfast

Consuming breakfast every day is effective and vital when you want to improve your appetite and gain weight. A recent study has found that skipping your breakfast can lead to eating less throughout the day, which may turn your plans upside down.

Additionally, breakfast increases the body’s thermogenesis effects, making you burn even more calories that ultimately boost your appetite. If you are struggling to stick to your breakfast plan, better change the way you breakfast. Try adding different nutrient-rich dishes such as sandwiches, omelets, egg fry salads, etc.

These are some ways that are 100% effective when it comes to improving appetite. However, they might take time. If you want fast results, you can go with medicine or supplements (appetite stimulants).

Healthy Weight GainHow Do Appetite Stimulants Work?

One integral part to maintain good health is to maintain an appetite for food. Each meal has its significance as it provides you with the necessary nutrients to strengthen your body and give you enough energy for day-to-day tasks

However, things never go the same, and what if you lose your appetite? A loss of appetite Healthy Weight Gain is called ‘Anorexia’ and can make the good seem unappealing. Going without a healthy diet or proper nutrients can make you weak and prone to other health concerns.

When you don’t eat due to loss of appetite, you start losing weight rapidly. Appetite stimulants are medications used to treat the loss of appetite in all ages of people and are generally prescribed by doctors.

Is It Safe To Use Appetite Stimulants?

An estimated 15% to 28% of older adults reported a decline in appetite as they grow older. With a much higher rate, women experience this due to a significant gap between their mealtimes.

While appetite Healthy Weight Gain stimulants are prescribed by healthcare providers, you should be careful when choosing high-calorie appetite stimulants. Try avoiding the medications that may interfere with eating or don’t clarify the goals.

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