Best D Protein Powder For Diabetes India 2021

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Best D Protein Powder For Diabetes India 2021 Are you suffering from diabetes looking for D protein powder for diabetes? Then you are coming to the right place, here you find the detailed information about D Protein Powder For Diabetes that really helps you to buy the right product for you. Here you find the article is written after a good research and on the basis of customer reviews.

British Biologicals D Protein (500g) / Protein supplement/D Protein Chocolate flavor

British Biologicals D Protein (500g)  Protein supplement D Protein Chocolate flavor


There is no doubt patients with diabetes need to maintain several food restrictions and they ignore restrictions then they may face big health issues. D-protein is well known for complete dietary for pre-diabetics & post diabetics.

D Protein Powder For Diabetes is scientifically formulated by a person who is suffering from diabetes. This protein supplement comes in a chocolate flavor, that’s why it is the favorite protein supplement for most diabetic people.

It is also a popular snack replacer, so you can start your day with it. This is a balanced & complete dietary supplement that is perfect for the heart and it is a sugar-free supplement so it is good for diabetics person.

It comes with a recyclable plastic container that is easy and convenient to use. Daily intake of this protein supplement along with some workout & exercise really helps you keep an active & healthy lifestyle.

It is 100% vegetarian & contains essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals & vitamins. D protein comes with many attractive flavors like vanilla, mango, mixed fruit, dry fruit, Pineapple, etc.

It is very safe to drink for all types of people who are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. For the best result, you have to drink it daily and also doing some regular exercise.

D protein meets food for special dietary use (FSDU) standard guidelines by FSSAI. It is easy to use and 100% safe because it is free from any hormones, drugs & steroids, etc. This protein supplement is specially designed for those who want a wholesome diet to manage diabetes.

This protein supplement is made up of 28 essential minerals & vitamins that really help you keep your overall body fit and healthy.

Best D Protein Powder For Diabetes India 2021


Key benefits of D Protein Powder For Diabetes

1. Antioxidants:

This protein powder enriches with supplement antioxidants properties that really help you keep fit and young for a long period of time. If you eat this on regular basis with some exercise then you find awesome results.

2. Improves digestion:

This protein supplement regulates body metabolism and improves your digestion, so you can smoothly digest anything and you look active and fresh.

3. Improve overall body health:

This protein powder comes with all-important micro & macronutrients that correct all nutritional deficiencies and improve your overall body health.

4. Provide instant energy:

This protein supplement is known for providing instant energy to your body. The complex carbohydrate is responsible for enhancing instant energy and feel you more energetic.

5. Heart friendly:

This protein supplement comes with soy protein, it helps in control blood pressure & reduces the risk of heart failure or any other heart problem.No doubt it is a heart-friendly supplement.

6. Help in stress management:

Due to its antioxidant properties, it promotes cardiac health and reduces the stress level in your body. There is no doubt stress is responsible for bad health & so if you manage your stress level then you become more fit and you easily enjoy your life.

7. Effective way of weight management:

This protein powder contains all types of amino acids, that are responsible for regulating your body’s metabolism. It also helps you control your hunger pangs and help you avoid intake extra amount of calorie and fat.

8. Improve Immunity:

 This protein supplement is easily absorbed and consume and perfectly regulates the body’s metabolism. The enzyme found in this protein helps you improve immunity and keep away from your infection and other diseases.

9. Supplement For Diabetics:

It contains several important amino acids, vitamins, minerals & other macro & micronutrients that improve your body health. It is made up of a sugar-free substances, so you can easily take the benefit of protein in weight management & diabetes.

How to use D Protein Powder:

You have to consume the D protein twice a day and according to the expert, so you may not face any issues in the future.

1. Take a 1-2 tbsp of D protein chocolate supplement.

2. Now stir it well in lukewarm milk and water.

3. After the string now check the powder is completely dissolve or not.

Types of D protein Recipes:

D protein comes recipe comes with many varieties that really improve the overall health of a person.

1. D-protein high fiber shake

2. D-protein Fruit shake

3. D-protein rice crispy patties

4. D-protein soothing yogurt protein

5. D-protein Orange crunch

6. D-protein chocolate banana

7. D-protein morning cereal delight


  • Balanced And Complete Dietary Supplement
  • Contains digestive fiber.
  • All essential amino acids
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money product


  • Not mentioned

Experts Advice & warning:

1. Always use after experts’ advice, don’t use your brain.

2. It is perfect to work at room temperature & avoids direct sunlight, try to store it in a cool & dry place.

3. Before making any purchase always check the expiry date.

4. Avoid using it, if you are allergic.

5. Do not use if are suffering from hypersensitivity.

6. Keep out away from children, it is not suitable for kids.

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1. Can I mix the powder in cold milk and consume it as a cold beverage?

If you want the best result without any trouble then you may need to avoid the use of D protein with cold milk & cold beverages.

2. Is this powder suitable for children with protein deficiencies?

No, it should be not possible, otherwise, you may face big trouble. It should be not consumed by children.

3. Can I consume more than 2 tablespoons of D Protein per day?

Yes, if required then you may take more than 2 tbsp of D protein per day after expert or doctor guidance.

4. Can I consume D Protein even if I am not diabetic?

It is optional, it has no side effects, only you need to consult a doctor before any use.

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