Best Protein Powder vs Natural Protein In India 2021

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best Protein  powder vs natural protein

Protein powder vs natural protein – There is no doubt protein is one of the important building blocks of the human body. Whether you are a sportsperson or athlete you know the importance of protein how it play important role in muscle building and develops your physique.

Most people still have a question what is the best form of protein between protein powder vs natural protein and what is the right way of taking protein.

Before understanding the what is the best form of protein between protein powder vs natural protein, firstly you need to understand what is protein, how it works in the body, and why it is important.

What is protein?

Basically, protein is made up of amino acids, they are also known as the building blocks of life. These large complex and macronutrients play an important role in the human body and they are responsible for the growth and maintenance of cells and tissue.

Why do you need protein?

No matter you are a normal person or a sportsman, all you need a regular amount of protein for your daily body functioning.

Apart from cell and tissue growth, protein plays other essential functions in the body.

1. Protein plays an important role in body function and supports muscle contraction.

2. DNA & RNA is an essential part for reproduction and cell growth and without protein, both DNA & RNA is not working properly. Protein is responsible for the regulation & expression of the DNA & RNA support.

3. Protein plays a very critical role in antibody formation that really helps in developing a strong immune system. A good immune system really helps to keep you fit and save you from diseases and pathogens.

4. Protein not helps in regulate essential molecule around the body but also provide support to your body.

5. There is no doubt digestive enzymes help facilitate chemical reactions and another important metabolism in the body. Without protein, no enzyme reaction is possible in the body.

Natural protein and its source:

Generally whole food, plants and animal product, milk, fish are the primary source of natural protein that contain a balanced level of amino acids. Basically, natural protein is derived from plants and animals and they have no side effects.

Sources: Dairy products, seafood, Nuts & seeds, Poultry food, tofu, and soy products are great sources of natural protein.

Protein Powder & Its Sources:

Protein powder is man-made, they are artificially manufactured or prepared in industries and commercially sold. In this type of protein powder artificial flavoring, sugar, minerals, and vitamins are also used as the main ingredient.

In simple words, protein powder is a refined form of protein. Sportsmen, fitness geeks, athletes,s and other people use it for muscle building and weight loss.


Pea protein, whey protein, soy protein are the main source of protein powder.

How much protein intake do we require daily?

There is no doubt most people are aware of the importance & role of protein in the human body but they don’t have enough idea about how much protein is the intake for daily human body activity.

According to the experts the dose of protein may differ according to the age, gender, and workout of the person, it is not the same for all.

Here are some important points that really help you figure out the answer to your question about how much amount of protein should anyone consume.

1. 10 gm/day for small babies

2. 19-34 gm/day for school-going kids.

3. 52 gm/day for a teenage boy.

4. 46 gm/day for teenage girls.

5. 56 gm/day for adult males.

6. 46 gm/day for an adult female.

7. 71gm/day for pregnant women.

No matter it’s a powder protein or natural protein, both really play a major role to carry normal body functions.

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How protein can help you stay in shape?

Protein really helps you to get the right shape and size of your body according to your need. Now you need to understand how protein can help you stay in proper shape. It helps you in many ways:

1. High-quality protein really helps you recovering body cells and tissue after a workout.

2. There is no doubt protein helps you in speedy recovery after an injury or heavy workout.

3. A protein helps you leaning your body but also helps you burn your fat.

4. A good protein diet helps you to gain a muscular body but also curving your hunger.

Protein powder vs natural protein: Which is the best

1. Natural protein offers all vital carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals but they are lacking all-important amino acids. Whereas powder proteins are a man-made and artificial source of protein but they offer you all important amino acids that are important for body growth.

2. Most of the natural protein is derived from animals, so they are not suitable for vegetarian people and if anyone consumes natural animal-based protein then it’s hard to digest. Apart from natural protein, protein powder is easy to consume and easy to digest in the body and gives instant energy to the body in comparison to the natural protein.

3. There is no doubt some of the natural proteins take a very long time to prepare and are very costly. In the case of protein powder, they are easily available and budget-friendly.

4. Natural proteins are harmless, they don’t have any side effects on the human body because they are naturally formed, whereas powder proteins are artificially created and used color and flavors, so they can harm your body and damage your body in the long run.


Bottom Line:

Best Protein Powder vs Natural Protein – No one can deny the fact that protein supplement has some negative points with positive points. If we talk about complete which protein form is best, so I prefer to use natural way of intake protein because they don’t have any side effect but at the same time if you are lacking to some amino acids in your daily diet then you will go ahead and take best powder protein vs natural Protein.

Always keep in mind before taking any powder protein, take expert advice and suggestion. so you can able to save your body without any side effects. Best Protein Powder vs Natural Protein If you have any suggestions then you must also tell us by commenting

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