Best Protein Powder Holder In India 2021 – Buyers Guide

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Best Protein Powder Holder In India 2021 – Exercising daily is essential for building muscle and losing fat, keeping your body in shape, and leading a happy life.

But it’s a chore to make your own mix in a regular bottle every day, which is why shaker bottles are invited to make protein powders on the go.

The protein powder blender acts as a two-in-one storage unit to keep the protein powder away from the water you can mix after a workout for maximum health benefits.

Protein Powder Holders are made from harmless plastic, which does not cause any problems even after hours of use, making them ideal for storing supplements.

Plus, these protein powder containers are easy to clean and require little or no effort to keep in your backpack or hand.

So, buy the Best Protein Powder Holder In India and safely take your supplements to a regular gym workout.

Top 6 Best Protein Powder Holder In India 2021


1. Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle

The Strauss bottle is one of our best options for India’s Best Protein Powder Holder in 2021 due to its food-grade plastic strap and durable leakproof and dust-proof design.

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle

It is designed with a leakproof and sweat resistant body, giving you a long-lasting product that you can take on trips and runs.

The bottle features a largemouth that makes your job easier and reduces any chance of spilling protein powder on the floor.

Also, the shaker bottle is available in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow colours that you can choose according to your needs and prepare protein shakes in advance.


  • Freehand grip or glove with some models.
  • Durable and spill-proof body.
  • Portable and easy to carry.


  • More capacity is needed.
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2. Fitkit Bottle Shaker

The Fitkit is a premium bottle shaker equipped with a wire blender ball to smoothen your protein shakes without leaving a lump of powder at the bottom.

Fitkit Prime Shaker Bottle with Wire Blending Ball

Made of 100% BPS-free plastic, so it is safe to use, and you can store liquids in the microwave or freezer overnight without any problems.

The anti-lead properties of the shaker and a durable body that is very light in weight makes this powder holder a perfect choice for general users.

The bottles are available in three different colours, Blue, Black and Grey. Plus, it can hold 600ml of liquid in one turn, and you can open the bottle with a single hand.


  • Available in 3 colours.
  • Strong and sturdy design.
  • Ideal for outdoor sports.


  • Only one storage container.
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3. Strauss Blender Shaker Bottle

Strauss is a durable blending bottle with a transparent design and a BP-free mixing wire ideal to use under any temperature.

Strauss Blender Shaker Bottle 760ml

The bottle has a 760ml capacity, a leakproof and water-resistant design to minimize the space for you to use every day.

It is dishwasher safe and wrapped with a rubber band to give you a better grip and sustain liquid temperature for a long time.

In addition, this bottle is portable and lightweight, so you can quickly run, lift and climb, making it the best protein powder holder in India.


  • Features a sporty look.
  • See-through design.
  • Lightweight and leakproof.


  • Needs regular cleaning.
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4. SmartShake Slim Protein Shaker

The SmartShake travel container is made of non-toxic material with BPA free plastic, which is safe for drinking and storing your nutritional supplements.

SmartShake 10252601 Slim Protein Shaker

The Protein Powder Holder features a see-through design that looks modern and can hold worm and cold liquids overnight.

You can wash the bottle in the dishwasher and store coffee, protein powder, pills and other supplements at the bottom of the bottle.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 500ml, and you can mix protein powder with water discreetly, making it one of the Best Protein Powder Holder in India.


  • Made from food-safe plastic.
  • Ideal for keeping hot liquids.
  • Clean sea through design.


  • Not durable enough.
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5. Ice Shaker Protein Shaker Bottle

The Ice Shaker protein powder holder is insulated to keep your liquids at a constant temperature with a protective coating that’s durable enough to last for years.

Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Leak Proof

It gives you a capacity of 750ml with solid build quality that won’t break even after regular use in an Indian house.

You can use this bottle as a thermos as it comes with insulated walls that can keep any liquid at a constant temperature for more than 30 hours.

Plus, this bottle comes with a mixing spring that will rip apart the large particles in your shake, making it great for hiking, biking, yoga and gymnastics.


  • Dishwasher safe to wash
  • Made from quality stainless steel.
  • Free fruit taste infuser.


  • Heavier and more prominent in size.
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6. Jay Stainless Steel Metal Shaker

The Jay Stainless Steel Shaker is one of the best products you can find in the Indian market, with a sturdy metal casing that will easily last for years.

Jay Stainless Steel Metal Shaker

The metal shaker is equipped with a transparent window that can check whether the protein is dissolved correctly or not.

Available in three different colour ranges, red, silver, and black, made from BPA-free plastic and ideal for dietary supplements.

The protein powder container has a capacity of 750ml with a unique design that is 100% leakproof to give you the Best Protein Powder Holder.


  • Looks great from the outside.
  • See-through window at the side.
  • Made with stainless steel.


  • Expensive than others.
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Here’s was the list of best protein powders holders and shaker bottles that you can find in the Indian market to carry nutritional supplements anywhere.

You can also store milk, juices and other liquids on top and keep all your pills on the bottom at a constant temperature.

All bottles are over 500ml in size and have a stylish and modern design that you can carry anywhere to keep your body charged with supplements at outdoor workouts.

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