Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021

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Are you looking for the best low cost running shoes in India, that are not only budget-friendly but also help you prevent injury and keeps you fit? No matter you are a beginner or an expert runner, everyone knows running is the best cardio exercise. For every runner comfort and fitting are the two most important factors, that really play a major role while purchasing the best low-cost running shoes in India for running.

Best Low Cost Running Shoes in India

1. ASIAN Men’s Bullet-02

If you want sturdy and durable low-cost affordable shoes then this pair of shoes is best for you. If you want compliments without paying extra then there is no doubt it is the best deal, you feel great comfort when you wear it. It comes with solid build quality with lightweight material.

ASIAN Men’s Bullet-02


  • Solid builds quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great Comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Sole slightly needs improvement
Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021

2. Bourge Men’s Loire-z126 Running Shoes

If you are looking for all-day comfort, affordable and stylish running shoes then these are the best shoes for you which provide you durable and sporty looks. This pair of shoes is also the best fit for the gym especially running on a treadmill.

These shoes come with a non-skid sole and these shoes inside foam give you very comfortable while running and walking. This shoe is very lightweight so may not face any difficulty while running or workout.

Bourge Men's Loire-z126 Running Shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Non-Skid Sole
  • Soft foam Cushioning
  • Durable and Sporty


  • Sole is very thin
Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021

3. Lancer Running Shoes (HYDRA-46)

If you are looking for shoes that match Toady’s youth expectations then this pair of shoes is best for you. The shoe pair is extremely comfortable than expected, it’s truly a value-for-money product.

There is no doubt the unique design shoes provide you comfort with the style you want. Lancer is always focused on providing the best quality shoes in the minimum price range.

Lancer Running Shoes (HYDRA-46)


  • Comfortable and easy to fit
  • High-quality material
  • Good for rough use
  • Durable
  • Lancer Brand


  • Size may create a problem
Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021


4. AVANT Men’s Running Shoe

If you are looking for running and all-day trip shoes then these shoes are the perfect option for you. These shoes are made from mesh-composed material that gives you the right balance between comfort and style.

The best thing about this shoes is that it comes with rounded toe that gives you proper support to your feet while running, gym or another workout. If you are going on an outside trip then these shoes make your day.

AVANT Men's Running Shoe


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Great cushioning
  • Attractive and stylish Look
  • Padded sole


  • Pasting issue
Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021

5. ASIAN Men’s Kosco Sports Running Shoes

As a runner, if you want stylish and attractive shoes then no doubt these pair of shoes are the perfect choice for you. This shoe provides maximum comfort while running or walking because has a curved toe with cushioned heel to give you maximum comfort.

These shoes are made up of air mixture material and available in attractive color formats.No doubt it’s a perfect option for your outside trip.

ASIAN Men's Kosco Sports Running Shoes


  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Nonslip
  • Shockproof
  • Comfort sole
  • Flexible


  • Size may create problem
Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021

6. Kraasa Men’s Sports Shoes

If you love classy look sports running shoes then these shoes may be the perfect choice for you. These shoe pair provides you refined design with exceptional comfort. These shoes come with a practical design that provides you good friction and wears resistance.

The sole of these shoes has a great cushion capability, there is no doubt the shoes are very smooth and offer good comforts to the feet.

Kraasa Men's Sports Shoes


  • Premium quality look in low price
  • Versatile use
  • Durable and comfortable sole
  • Great cushion capability


  • Air passing problem
Best Low Cost Running shoes In India 2021

Buying Guide: Best Low Cost Running shoes in India

No matters are you an expert runner or a beginner you need to consider few factors that really help you to buy the best low cost running shoes in India.

1.  Find out your objective:

Before buying the shoes you have to identify for what purpose you need shoes like you need shoes for running or for treadmill and for training purpose. If your objective is clear then it’s easy for you to buy the perfect shoes for you.

2. Cushioning:

Flexibility and cushioning really matter while selecting running shoes for you.No matter how cheap or costly shoes you buy, you have to consider important factors like soft heels, ankle support, and good grip before buying running shoes.

3. weight of running shoes:

There is no doubt heavyweight running shoes really create a problem while running and workout. So it is recommended that always prefer lightweight running shoes that make your running comfortable and perfect.

4. Size really matters:

It is true that size really matters, before buying the shoes you have a clear idea about your feet size because the size of the shoes may differ from brand to brand. So make sure while trying the shoes you need to check that you can freely move your toes without any problem.

Bottom Line:

Selecting the best low-cost running shoes is not a cup of cake, for this, you need a good understanding of shoe cushioning, size, comfort, and its build quality that decides its durability. Always prefer the comfort and flexibility of shoes.

After going above list now you have a good idea about which is perfect shoes that match your needs and budget.

I hope the above list of best low cost running shoes in India comes in handy and helps you understand and choose the right shoes for you, that not only matches your budget but also fulfill your needs.

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