Best Elliptical Trainer For Seniors In India 2021 – Buyer Guide

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Best Elliptical Trainer For Seniors In India 2021 – Regular exercise is a great way for older people to strengthen their hearts, improve blood circulation, and build muscle to stay active and flexible for years.

However, exercising outdoors is difficult and requires more time and effort to get in shape. A good elliptical trainer will help your parents to maintain a clean weight while working on joints.

Elliptical Trainer offers a safe way to focus on multiple muscles without leaving one place and going to the gym for the same exercises you could do at home.

So check out our guide to the Best Elliptical Machines for Seniors in India and help your parents get fit and healthy at a low price.

Top 6 Best Elliptical Trainer For Seniors In India


1. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer

Welcare Cross Trainer is a product of a popular brand in India that is known for making the highest quality equipment in the market.

Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer

The device is designed in such a way that it does not put too much strain on the joints and helps seniors achieve a good physique with simple but effective movements.

It comes with adjustable seats that can extend up to 8 inches to help you customize the machine according to your height.

The sturdy flywheel on this cross trainer is great for pushing limits by increase speed to get the most out of your workout, with magnetic resistance.

Plus, the LCD monitor shows speed, heart rate, and calorie consumption during exercise, making it one of the Best Elliptical Machines for Seniors In India.


  • Offers full-body workouts.
  • Safe for senior parents.
  • Easy to learn for beginners.


  • Expensive than other products.
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2. Xterra FS3.5 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Xterra elliptical cross trainer is for people who want to do an instant cardio session and lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

Xterra FS3.5 Elliptical Cross Trainer

It costs almost 53,000 and does not require many hours of maintenance with options to select workout intensity based on your age.

The cross trainer is comfortable enough for your parents to exercise regularly without straining their muscles, which makes it ideal for every member of the family.

It also features MP3-compatible speakers, perfect for playing all your workout music during your morning sessions, with 24-level of adjustable magnetic resistance.

Moreover, Xterra is equipped with an LCD screen that displays all your stats in one place, to optimize daily workouts with great accuracy.


  • Made from strong steel material.
  • Little to no risk of injury.
  • Offers more mobility.


  • LCD comes with this model.
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3. Reach Elliptical Trainer

The Reach elliptical cross trainer is a flawless piece of equipment weighing around 110 kg and focused to help people lose weight even at an older age.

Best Elliptical Trainer For Seniors In India 2021 - Buyer Guide

This elliptical cross trainer makes lower-body workouts easier and reduces back problems that parents can experience in later parts of their life.

The device can track the distance traveled, heart rate and other important factors to provide you with important statistics while working out.

Moreover, the adjustable seat of this trainer gives you 21 inches of space with additional features like the anti-slip pedal, tablet holder, active resistance, which makes it a high-end device for large families.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 110 kg.
  • Features and LCD display.
  • 2-in-one climbing motion.


  • Addition charges for installation.
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4. Afton FX-100 Elliptical Trainer

The Afton FX-100 electromagnetic elliptical trainer allows you to easily adjust between 8 resistance levels to maximize the flow of your workout without wasting time in your home.

AFTON FX-100 Elliptical Trainer

It takes up very little space and easily fits into your budget as it only costs around $28,000 in today’s market making the machine very reliable.

This elliptical cross trainer can withstand 120 kg heavy and elderly people while protecting their joints in exercise sessions.

Also, the most notable feature of this cross trainer is its ergonomic design and build quality that will last for years to give you maximum workouts right from your home.


  • Comes with a clean & simple design.
  • Max Holding capacity of 120kg.
  • LCD Monitor and fourteen-inch strides.


  • Higher price than other trainers.
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5. Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Aerofit trainer is an elliptical device that can carry 100kg and is equipped with 8 resistance levels which you can change according to your needs

AEROFIT Elliptical Cross Trainer

The device is made to do beginner and intermediate workout sessions without maintaining any load on the user’s lower body.

It comes with a digital display and hand sensors to maximize workflow with important controls that you can manually review from time to time to give you a more personalized workout.

With all these great features, this electric simulator only costs around 59,000, making it one of the best elliptical trainers for seniors in India who are looking for a reliable device with amazing features.


  • Flywheel has great precision.
  • 8 Levels of resistance adjustment
  • Easy to stand up and use.


  • Takes a lot of space.
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6. Cockatoo CE03Advance Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

Lastly, the Cockatoo CE03Advance is the most affordable elliptical trainer on the list that is made for budget users looking to get a device under 18000 rupees in India.

Cockatoo CE03Advance Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

The cross trainer has a maximum weight capacity of 100 kg and eight resistance levels that you can control during your training session to increase or decrease the intensity as needed.

It comes with full entertainment support and an HR monitor to help you keep track of all data that you can connect to your phone to use view later.

Plus, this elliptical trainer is simple to use and seniors can get easily comfortable with the design to exercise daily from your home Best Elliptical Machines for Seniors In India.


  • Adjustable paddle and seat.
  • Comes with a quick-release bar.
  • Takes no space vertically.


  • Paddles are slippery.
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Unlike other fitness equipment, an elliptical trainer is a universal tool that can be bought and used by anyone who needs lower body exercises.

The device does not cause joint pain and keeps your muscles in check since you can adjust the strength according to your needs, making it ideal for elderly people.

Our list of the Best Elliptical Machines for Seniors will help you buy the perfect machine that will meet all your needs on a healthy budget.

So feel free to choose any cross elliptical trainer from the above list and exercise daily from your home.

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