11 Warning Signs You Are Suffering From UTI

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11 Warning Signs you are Suffering from UTI – If you are suffering from a burning sensation in the lower abdomen or have an urge to constantly urinate, then it may be the onset of a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection normally occurs when the bacteria have invaded your urethra and continue to multiply in the bladder.

This can lead to serious medical emergencies. Let me enlighten you from a personal experience. My uncle used to suffer from UTI and we visited many urologists for his treatment. This experience was very helpful for me and that is how I was able to learn the following information.

Warning Signs of UTI

Here are the eleven major signs which will notify you that there is something wrong with your urinary tract.

  • Frequent urination
  • Burning sensation while peeing
    • Foul-smelling urine
  • Red-colored urine
  • Hindrance in the normal urine flow
  • Absence of transparent urine
  • The issue of incontinence
  • Mucus and pus-like urethral discharge
  • The passage of gassy urine
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Fever and high temperature

1. Frequent urination

One of the main and primary symptoms of UTI is a consistent and constant need for urination. Because of the bacterial invasion alongside the lining of the urinary tract, the person suffers frequent urination.

2. Burning Sensation While Peeing

As we have previously established the fact that bacteria line up the urinary tract. It is because of their presence in these areas that you will be in pain while you are urinating. The burning sensation in your urinary tract is because of bacterial activity.

3. Foul-smelling urine

The production of smelly urine is also because of the bacteria. As bacterial action tends to produce such types of odors which are equal parts unbearable and unpleasant. That is why people who are suffering from urinary tract infections commonly complain of bad or strong-smelling urines.

4. Red-colored urine

It is important for people to pay attention to such matters. Colored urine is the simplest and cheapest way to identify that something is wrong with your body. Normally the pee is pale yellow. But if you are encountering issues of red or pink-colored pee then it means that there is blood in your pee. This coloration of pee is a warning sign of UTI and other types of renal issues.

5. Hindrance in the normal urine flow

A normal and easy flow of urine is important for the optimum functioning of the human body. This is something that ensures a person that their body is functioning at a normal pace. But if there are obstructions and you are facing difficulty in such a trivial matter, then you might have to pay a visit to a urologist.

6. Absence of transparent urine

Urine is and should be transparent. Cloudy urine is a visual representation that there are white blood cells build up. The contributing factor in this buildup. Yes, you guessed it right….bacteria!!!!

7. Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is also a sign of the urinary tract. Most of the times elders exhibit this symptom. When a person suffers from a UTI, they might lose their bladder control. This is something that will then result in incontinence.

8. Mucus and pus-like urethral discharge

This symptom is most evident in men other than women. In an attempt to clear your body of the germs there is mucus or pus-like discharge from the urethra.

9. The passage of gassy urine

This happens when due to a urinary tract infection bacteria allow the air to pass alongside urine. This situation is normally known as pneumaturia.

10. Pain in the lower abdomen

People tend to avoid pain in their lower abdomen as they consider it to be unimportant. However, if the pain is frequent then you have to visit a urologist as this is a clear indication that your body is suffering from the consequences of a UTI.

11. Fever and high temperature

Patients who often encounter such issues complain of a sudden rise in body temperature. That is why there is a need to understand that not every fever is to be avoided.



Where there is a medical emergency there is a solution. The simple requirement here is that you need to be extra attentive in these matters. On-time inspections and thorough checkups are the keys to a healthy life. This is the same in the case of UTI as they are also preventable and if occurred, then treatable.

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